Times Are Changing in Long-Term Care. Are you Ready?

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This year’s American Healthcare Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) Convention and Expo in Nashville, Tenn. was an exceptional event celebrating the best of the best in long-term care. I was so happy to see so many of our own Medline customers winning quality awards knowing how hard they work and the dedication they have to frail and elderly patients in their facilities.  Whenever there is a chance for me to speak with these professionals I am reminded of the incredible talent that exists in this industry.

During the convention, new regulations and upcoming changes to the long-term care market were on everyone’s mind. Three of the hottest topics included the new Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) regulations, the changing demography of the long-term care market and the changing needs of residents.

Listen to AHCA Board Member Glenn Van Ekeren and other industry experts discuss what they think are the most pressing matters facing long-term care today.

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QAPI Deadline is Looming

New QAPI regulations go into effect starting November 28 of this year. After that, facilities have one year to present their QAPI plans to the State Survey Agency. To help make sense of this new regulation, during the expo, providers and clinicians were able to demo Medline’s abaqis® Quality Management System.  We realize creating a plan to meet all five elements of the new QAPI regulations can be overwhelming. This system combines resident interviews, observations and record reviews to provide actionable data that shows where to focus quality improvement efforts.

Changing Demographics are Changing the Face of Long-Term care

During the opening general session, keynote speaker and demographer Kenneth W. Gronbach explained how long-term care facilities need to be prepared for what is coming next. With 74.9 million baby-boomers growing older, there will soon be an influx of people entering long-term care facilities. It goes without saying; long-term care is going to change.

Resident Needs are More Complex

In addition to the demographics changing in long-term care, the type of resident is changing. Baby boomer residents will bring with them more complex healthcare needs coupled with high expectations which will require more skilled care. According to the American Heart Association, boomers will also be living with more chronic diseases than any generation before. By 2030 one in every four baby boomers will be living with diabetes and one out of every two will have arthritis.

Long-term care is a great industry to work in and that fact is never more obvious than when we’re all together at an event like this. It is so important we continue to remind ourselves that the work we do is supported by great people at AHCA and NCAL.

Tell us how you see long-term care changing in the next five years.

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