Four Ways Technology Can Improve Reimbursements

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It’s an understatement to say long-term care has changed. In 1982, Medicaid paid for 48.3 percent, Medicare for 1.8 percent, and other public programs for 4.8 percent of the total nursing home costs.1 Today 57 percent is paid by Medicaid, with 14 percent paid by Medicare. Numbers don’t lie. That’s the beauty of technology. It keeps us accountable too. In skilled … Read More

Why Care Transitions Need to Improve Now

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Skilled nursing facilities are getting busier. More than 20 percent of all hospitalized older adults who use Medicare will be transitioned and admitted to a SNF following a hospital stay. But patients don’t have a lot of time to decide. A study found most had to choose a skilled nursing facility the day before or even the day of being discharged.1 … Read More

Empowering Entire Staff with eCurriculum: Q&A with St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged

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With new regulations for nursing homes coming almost yearly from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), providers are working to keep up with rules that improve the quality of care, strengthen safety measures and reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and infections for residents.1  With the added pressure to meet these standards, St. Patrick’s Home Rehabilitation and Health Care Center … Read More

Many Unknowns but Quality Will Still Be Key

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Tom Price is now confirmed as the secretary of Health and Human Services, a $1 trillion agency.  Yet, questions remain as to what’s next for healthcare as Price has been vocal about his unfavorable opinions of the Affordable Care Act.  While we wait, there’s one road ahead we can likely map out now: quality measures for long-term care. The formal process … Read More

How Can Skilled Nursing Facilities Reduce Readmissions? Focus on Those That Are Potentially Preventable

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Readmissions have become an increasingly urgent concern for skilled nursing facilities not only because they are traumatic for residents, but also because under the Affordable Care Act, hospitals’ Medicare reimbursements have been tied to readmission rates. For the past few years, skilled nursing facilities have tried to attract referrals by showing that they can help hospitals keep readmissions low. The … Read More

Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions From SNFs [WEBINAR]

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For skilled nursing facilities, working with their partner hospitals is an important step to cutting readmissions. All be it sometimes, there is not enough communication and sharing of important information with regards to patients care which may lead to a re-hospitalization. There are important measures that you can take within your facility in order to identify, measure, and track preventable … Read More