Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement Part I: We Need an Overhaul

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Working in healthcare can be a wonderful privilege where every day we have opportunities to develop therapeutic relationships and play healing roles in people’s lives. Although not mutual, these relationships can be intimate and rewarding. It can also be fulfilling to be part of a dynamic team pulling together to save lives and helping patients and families navigate tough times. … Read More

What Numbers Can Teach You about Your ASC

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ASC reporting blog 5-20-16

By now we’ve heard about hospitals reporting infection rates and other quality measures for quite some time. But hospitals aren’t the only places where surgeries can occur. What about ambulatory surgery centers? More and more, patients are sent to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) rather than hospitals for certain procedures. So it was only a matter of time until they would … Read More

Optimizing Outcomes and Approaching Change Differently This Year Through Medical Improv

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Social and emotional learning, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills are often referred to as “soft” skills. This skill set encompasses human behavior and as such, informs the quality of our communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership.  These in turn, inform our workplace cultures and healthcare system(s) and provide feedback on the skills themselves.  Healthy skills and relationships contribute to healthy cultures. … Read More