Four Ways Technology Can Improve Reimbursements

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It’s an understatement to say long-term care has changed. In 1982, Medicaid paid for 48.3 percent, Medicare for 1.8 percent, and other public programs for 4.8 percent of the total nursing home costs.1 Today 57 percent is paid by Medicaid, with 14 percent paid by Medicare. Numbers don’t lie. That’s the beauty of technology. It keeps us accountable too. In skilled … Read More

Many Unknowns but Quality Will Still Be Key

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Tom Price is now confirmed as the secretary of Health and Human Services, a $1 trillion agency.  Yet, questions remain as to what’s next for healthcare as Price has been vocal about his unfavorable opinions of the Affordable Care Act.  While we wait, there’s one road ahead we can likely map out now: quality measures for long-term care. The formal process … Read More

How to Address Requirements in CMS Proposed Rule for Participation in Medicare and Medicaid

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I understand why the far-reaching proposed rule changes for skilled nursing facilities/nursing facilities (SNFs/NFs) might seem overwhelming. Th­at said, a solution to addressing the wide range of issues in the proposed rule is actually embedded in the rule itself. Virtually all of the requirements in the rule can be addressed through robust Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI): Develop, implement … Read More

How is your facility disposing of unused and expired prescription drugs?

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Proper disposal of unused and expired prescription drugs is an important public health issue in the United States as rates of prescription drug abuse, accidental poisoning and the incidence of drugs found in the drinking water has gained the nation’s attention. Making sure long-term care facilities follow proper drug disposal protocol is not an easy task. In an effort to … Read More