Understanding Purchasing Decisions to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

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Studies have shown that supply chain represents 40 to 50 percent of a hospital’s operating expensive. Proper management and control of purchasing can often help healthcare organizations reduce supply chain costs. To help enhance operational efficiencies at its facility, SBH Health System recently awarded Medline a three-year, $40 million prime vendor agreement. SBH is home to St. Barnabas Hospital, a … Read More

What to Consider When Awarding Medical Prime Vendor Contracts

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Healthcare supply chain is no longer a simple transaction. Healthcare organizations must have strategic systems in place to help control and manage cost. For David Mimms, the director of supply chain and logistical services at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, “it’s important that we align ourselves with vendors who can deliver quality products, as well as clinical and supply chain solutions to help … Read More