Seven Steps to Improve Clinician Well-being

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Nurses, and all clinicians need to feel appreciated because that impacts their well-being. This goes beyond just an idea of feeling good. Did you know hospitals can lose up to eight million dollars a year because of the current rate of nurse turnover?1 Many days you are so busy taking care of others, you forget to care for yourself. You treat yourself in ways you would never treat someone you love or care for! Every year we dedicate one week to appreciating the work you do, but we should consider the care we need every single day of the year. My CARE 4 ME acronym will help clinicians remember to focus on their well-being. Print this and read it often, so you can hear me lovingly nagging you. These simple tools will make you stronger of mind, body and spirit, just as you deserve.

Connect with Your Higher Power

If you are among the 93% of Americans who believe in  a Supreme Being, spend 15 minutes a day in quiet meditation, reflection, or prayer.

Ask for your “juice”…

like a toddler. If your life is out of balance, physically, mentally or spiritually, make a plan for what you need to achieve better balance, then ask for it like a toddlers asks for juice, persistent (and kindly), from yourself, your family and your workplace.

Rest and sleep  

We would never deprive a child of sleep because we know it makes them sick and grumpy, yet we often do that to ourselves. Turn off TV and technology and get eight hours of sleep per night.

Eat right

Consume the quantity and quality of food you know your body needs.

4 times a day, breathe!

For 15 minutes, three to four times a day, breathe slow, deep and easy to release stress, tension and endorphins.

Mind your mind

Practice positive thinking and visualization, knowing it can change your body and your mind. Laugh 400 times a day, like children! Forgive yourself and someone else.

Exercise 3 times a week

Walk 45 minutes a day, even in 15 minute increments. Incorporate exercise into your everyday life. Rake your leaves, play ball with the kids, vacuum to rock and roll!

Practicing these strategies will make you happier and healthier and it’s important to engage your staff so they understand they have resources available to make their job easier and ultimately create that safer patient environment.

Learn more about engaging staff to promote caregiver wellness through proven programs and training.

1. Nursing Solutions, Inc.: 2016 National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report. March 2016.




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