Obama Touts Healthcare Advances in State of the Union Speech

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Obama Touts Healthcare Advances in State of the Union

In this week’s State of the Union speech, President Obama recognized important advances in healthcare and urged our country to do even more by leading “a new era in medicine.”  With more than 10 million newly insured Americans entering the healthcare system, there is more demand than ever for medical innovations and clinical solutions.  And, we want you to know that Medline is committed to doing our part to respond to the industry’s growing demands and advance the health of healthcare every day.

President Obama talked about the important role our nation’s doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, scientists and troops played in “rolling back Ebola – saving countless lives and stopping the spread of disease.”  Getting the people on the frontlines the medical supplies they needed to prepare their facilities and help protect against the spread of infection was our main focus.  We took every step possible to manage inventory, customize personal protection equipment kits, and keep our customers informed.

As the President explained “the job is not yet done – and the world needs to use this lesson to build a more effective global effort to prevent the spread of future pandemics.”  We remain steadfast on serving those who continue combatting this dangerous disease.  And, we join President Obama in his praise of the countless healthcare workers here and abroad who are working tirelessly to stop its spread.

We also remain committed to finding innovative solutions to our industry’s biggest issues.   We continue to develop and launch new approaches and technologies for improving infection prevention, skin health, incontinence management, OR safety and the patient experience.

As a proven leader in healthcare, Medline is ready and eager to partner with you to lead a new era in medicine.  We have the expertise, resources and determination to bring you improved clinical and financial outcomes, and together improve people’s lives.

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