Collaborating to Help Reduce Supply Chain Costs

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Studies have shown that healthcare spending in the U.S. will reach $4.8 trillion by 2021. As the number of regulations continues to grow, healthcare organizations have been taking an in-depth look at how they can reduce costs in the supply chain. As a result. organizational leaders seek vendors who can help them enhance their bottom line and improve patient outcomes.

For more than 20 years, Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, has been collaborating with Medline to offer members high quality medical supplies, such as custom procedure trays and personal protective apparel at a a negotiated price. As a result of Medline’s proven track record with Premier, the company was recently awarded a three-year group purchasing agreement for its portfolio of surgical instruments. including clamp needle holders, retractors and scissors.

Premier unites an alliance of approximately 3,600 U.S. hospitals and 120,000 other providers. To help facilities receive their products when and where they need them, Medline has more than 40 distribution centers located in every major metropolitan area across the U.S., and its own fleet of 400 trucks.

Continue the conversation: Share your best practices. What are you going to help reduce supply chain costs at your facility?

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