The Power of Teamwork

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Teamwork is integral for any process improvement program, such as a lean assessment, because these are the individuals whom the packs will impact significantly.  However, surgery centers are a stressful environment with multiple assigned roles, and good leaders know that changes affecting day to day operations require buy-in to make it a success.  In the case of the Surgery Center … Read More

Young Minds Unlock the Door to Innovation

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The first stethoscope was invented 200 years ago as a tool that would amplify sound coming from a person’s chest.  Crutches have assisted people to walk for about a century.  Many surgical tools used today in our Sterile Procedure Trays are the same tools that physicians used when they were in medical school.  And I’m ok with that.  Clinicians are saving … Read More

Two Ways to Build Your Brand for Today’s Consumer

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As many healthcare systems expand their reach through mergers and acquisitions, and tackle new payment methodologies such as mandatory bundled payments and ACO arrangements, they are investing resources in rebranding their organization and integrating the new brand promise in everything they do. Medical supplies may seem like an unlikely avenue to build brand awareness. However, when you think of the … Read More

How Culture Can Drive Warehouse Labor Cost Savings

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The healthcare landscape is changing and doing so fast. In an effort to be more competitive and drive greater cost savings and control over supply chain, more IDNs and hospitals are considering self-distribution. We’ve coached and counseled healthcare systems across the country on this approach and have provided straight talk on the pros, cons and realities of this unique and … Read More

Twelve Post-Acute Care Data Points You Need to Tackle Today’s Bundled Payments

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Bundled payments are gaining more and more traction in the marketplace. In April, CMS launched its first mandatory bundled payment for comprehensive joint replacement, and “CJR” was suddenly the acronym on everyone’s lips. We knew that CMS was just trialing the bundle in 67 metropolitan areas to see how it would work. If you were hoping that bundled payments might … Read More