How A Cohesive Supply Chain Can Drive Better Healthcare Business

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Healthcare providers are challenged today with their patient population moving outside the walls of the hospital. Treating patients across the continuum includes the ability to serve them in physician offices, surgery centers, acute settings, long term care and in the patient’s home. A recent Ernst & Young survey of 700 qualified healthcare professionals identified the escalating cost of care delivery, driven … Read More

Who Says Devices Have to Be Single-Use?

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Did you know that centers that reprocess their single-use devices save, on average, $25,000 per operating room per year? With personnel costs increasing and reimbursements not adjusting to supply spend trends, there’s no better way to decrease your case costs and see immediate bottom-line improvement than reprocessing. In today’s healthcare environment, the demand for cost efficiencies that don’t compromise high … Read More

Three Pillars to Leverage Technology and Drive Efficiency

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There are a lot of questions about the future of healthcare right now.  Operating at the highest level will always be a top priority for systems.  One way to combat the possibility for adverse effects is identifying gaps in the use of technology across supply chain management systems. Yes, they still exist in 2017. Healthcare spending in the United States … Read More

The Power of Teamwork

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Teamwork is integral for any process improvement program, such as a lean assessment, because these are the individuals whom the packs will impact significantly.  However, surgery centers are a stressful environment with multiple assigned roles, and good leaders know that changes affecting day to day operations require buy-in to make it a success.  In the case of the Surgery Center … Read More

Young Minds Unlock the Door to Innovation

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The first stethoscope was invented 200 years ago as a tool that would amplify sound coming from a person’s chest.  Crutches have assisted people to walk for about a century.  Many surgical tools used today in our Sterile Procedure Trays are the same tools that physicians used when they were in medical school.  And I’m ok with that.  Clinicians are saving … Read More