Caring for America: More is Caught Than Taught

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Through this Caring for America blog, I’ve had the honor of speaking with some incredible clinicians who are making a difference in the lives of patients far and wide.  The conversations are candid, honest.  And after speaking with Margaret from Kentucky, this interview truly touched my heart.  As we celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week, it’s a time to recognize the men and women who … Read More

Caring for America: Healing in the Heartland

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Nearly 60 million people live in rural America. For nurses serving this population, providing comprehensive care can be a tall order. We want to open National Nurses Week with a glimpse from the heartland. Carol from Indiana shares how big problems don’t just happen in the big city and why she’s approaching retirement with optimism for the field. MARTIE: Happy National … Read More

Success Story: Mercy Medical Center Reduces Hospital-Acquired Infections and Improves Outcomes

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Our Challenge Mercy Medical Center has been monitoring its compliance on CAUTI and VAP prevention, and while average performance was acceptable, we strive for higher goals to promote a positive healing experience for our patients. Significantly improved consistency on performing oral care was necessary not only for our staff development, but also for the outcomes of our vented patient population. … Read More