How to Get Your Healthcare Solution to Market

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You hear the word innovation every day, but maybe not when it comes to healthcare. The 2017 Klick Health Consumer Survey discovered just that. Only three percent of respondents consider hospitals as the most innovative and 17 percent for all healthcare fields, which also includes pharmaceuticals as well as health and wellness. When it comes to who should be most … Read More

Best Practices for Removing Bioburden in Busy Operating Rooms

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Painstaking care is taken every single day by the central sterile techs of hospitals and they’re a busy group.  For example, new data from Persistence Market Research projects the hip replacement surgery market to expand about four percent worldwide due to an aging population with increased cases of arthritis, hip fractures and hip bone infection. With operating rooms getting busier … Read More

Who Says Devices Have to Be Single-Use?

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Did you know that centers that reprocess their single-use devices save, on average, $25,000 per operating room per year? With personnel costs increasing and reimbursements not adjusting to supply spend trends, there’s no better way to decrease your case costs and see immediate bottom-line improvement than reprocessing. In today’s healthcare environment, the demand for cost efficiencies that don’t compromise high … Read More

Three Reasons Why Physicians and Patients Need to Pay Attention to Tissue Regeneration Now

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There is a remarkable level of activity in the area of regenerative tissue technologies that has already resulted in products that have improved patient’s lives.  In the past year alone, the National Institutes of Health have announced major funding opportunities in this area. Dozens of skin substitutes or facsimiles have been developed to date but none have yet achieved the … Read More

EMS: Reflecting a New Paradigm in Collaborative Care

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Workforce shortage is a burning challenge. Long term care providers everywhere, particularly in more remote, rural areas are especially pressed for resources to ensure patients discharged do not get readmitted.  According to the National Rural Health Association, the patient-to-primary care physician ratio is about 40 physicians per 100,000 people.  But how do you do more with fewer resources, especially when … Read More