The Bad Things That Cannot Be Seen

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Recently, I was standing in an airport restroom washing my hands and had the opportunity to listen to an argument between a little four-year-old girl and a woman I presumed was her mother.  The mother was trying to explain to her child why it was important to wash her hands.  How do you explain to a little girl that her … Read More

What’s Your Score?

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April saw the release of Medicare’s preliminary hospital-acquired condition (HAC) scores for hospitals, a half-way “check point” for facilities to see where they rank and what the possible impact could be on the Medicare payments they receive this coming October. While final scores may differ from these preliminary numbers, facilities would be wise to still take these primary scores seriously: … Read More

5 Great Ways to Generate Media Interest and Promote Your Medline Pink Glove Dance Video!

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Pink Glove Dance

We’re excited you have decided to participate in the 2014 Medline Pink Glove Dance video competition. The competition annually brings together thousands of family, friends, and coworkers from across the world as they compete in a unique campaign to  raise breast cancer awareness. Promoting your video to your community and employees is a big part of the competition to help … Read More

Changing Cultures

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Airline Safety

A few months back a junior copilot from my carrier (Alaska Airlines) engaged me over a latte in an airport Starbucks asking questions about the airline safety revolution of the eighties (when we learned we had fallible humans flying our jets and had to learn how they fail). Somewhere in the brief conversation I recall saying, “But you remember what … Read More

Top Five Reasons to Participate in the Medline Pink Glove Dance Competition

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Pink Glove Dance

Some people walk for breast cancer.  Some people race.  We dance wearing pink gloves.  And now, you have an opportunity to join more than 200,000 clinicians, patients and communities worldwide in celebrating hope for a cure and honoring those affected by the disease – all through the joy of dancing.  This unique international movement is called the Pink Glove Dance. Videos … Read More

Challenging the Status Quo

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The start of a shift

The OR Nurse was adamant.  “We have a great team”, she said smiling with confidence as I made rounds to learn more about the staff.  “How do you know that?” I asked.    For a moment she looked confused, and then replied, “We just are.  The people I work with are awesome.” “But how do you know for certain that you … Read More