Product Spotlight: Collagen for Beginners

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You can throw everything you’ve got at wounds – debridement, infection control products and moisture-control products – but sometimes they still won’t heal. You’re looking at a chronic wound. What’s going on? Wounds typically go through an inflammatory phase early in wound healing. The problem with most chronic wounds is that they seem to be stuck in that phase. How do we jump start healing for … Read More

Together We Can Create a Safer World Through the Prevention of Infection

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Each year more than 2,500 clinical professionals from around the world gather for three days to learn about evidence-based advances in infection prevention. With over 100+ educational opportunities, 300+ poster presentations, and 200+ exhibitors in the largest hall dedicated to infection prevention, this year’s event is sue to be one that you don’t want to miss. We at Medline, are … Read More

Communication Dynamics and Patient Safety in the Operating Room

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Self-reflection, ownership and respectful communication are examples of “soft” skills that are extremely hard to develop and practice. Yet, the surgeon or nurse manager who can teach the right way of doing something without humiliating a team member will show everyone that respect is guaranteed, skills and knowledge are required to work in the OR, and passive aggressive behavior will not be rewarded with alignment. Not long … Read More