5 Solutions to End Workforce Nightmare at Nursing Homes

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Nursing Home Staffing

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about workforce issues with customers all over the United States. Rightly so as the nightmare description from the New York Times is real: nursing home staffing is a serious struggle every single day. Staffing levels can branch out into other areas of your facility, especially impacting your five-star rating.  After hearing from … Read More

What We Can Learn from Candida auris Outbreak

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In May, I attended the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory committee for infection control. From there, along with weekly monitoring, I am now hyper aware of the next emerging deadly pathogen: Candida auris. This fungus is considered to be a serious global threat because it’s multidrug-resistant, can only be identified in specialized labs and is already causing outbreaks … Read More

Seven Steps to Improve Clinician Well-being

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Nurses, and all clinicians need to feel appreciated because that impacts their well-being. This goes beyond just an idea of feeling good. Did you know hospitals can lose up to eight million dollars a year because of the current rate of nurse turnover?1 Many days you are so busy taking care of others, you forget to care for yourself. You … Read More

Three Critical Areas to Watch in EMS

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Of the more than 13 million calls in Firehouse Magazine’s yearly survey of fire departments and EMS agencies nearly nine million needed emergency medical services. The need for EMS is great. We’re not just responding to car accidents. We’re in post-acute facilities. We’re collaborating with hospitals. We’re seeing change. Though they affect the healthcare system as a whole, these three … Read More