Many Unknowns but Quality Will Still Be Key

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man in wheelchair

Tom Price is now confirmed as the secretary of Health and Human Services, a $1 trillion agency.  Yet, questions remain as to what’s next for healthcare as Price has been vocal about his unfavorable opinions of the Affordable Care Act.  While we wait, there’s one road ahead we can likely map out now: quality measures for long-term care. The formal process … Read More

Fight the Flu & Busted Budgets with Balance

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flu busted budget

More than 40 states are reporting flu activity as widespread according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  With more than 10 years in nursing, and part of that time in public health, these continuous reports on an increase of flu cases during this time of year are no surprise to me.  What does surprise me is that despite constant … Read More

Do The Numbers Make Your Heart Beat Harder?

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Numbers are usually associated with a performance or actions that have a form of measurement.  Athletes receive numbers for the fastest run or highest jump.  Drivers receive speeding tickets for surpassing the posted number.  Sport scores, being pulled over for a speeding ticket, or exercising, all make our hearts beat harder. Yet numbers are often being ignored.  One in four … Read More

Flu: New Thinking in the New Year

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Sick woman in bed suffering flu headache

2017 is starting off a little rough and for clinicians, it’s very busy.   That’s because the 2016-2017 influenza season is just now starting to kick into high gear. The general public often uses the term flu to describe an illness with symptoms of upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.  These symptoms actually describe gastroenteritis, an infection of the stomach and intestines.  … Read More

12 Tips to Care for Caregivers This Holiday

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Adult Daughter Helping Senior Tie Shoelaces

Terry stacks the breakfast dishes into the sink, hands the freshly-packed lunchboxes to her son and daughter, bundles them into their coats and boots and hustles them to the school bus. With a smile and a wave she promises, “I’ll pick you up after school. We’ll make Christmas cookies for your Girl Scout meeting then go to your basketball game.” … Read More