Why Care Transitions Need to Improve Now

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Skilled nursing facilities are getting busier. More than 20 percent of all hospitalized older adults who use Medicare will be transitioned and admitted to a SNF following a hospital stay. But patients don’t have a lot of time to decide. A study found most had to choose a skilled nursing facility the day before or even the day of being discharged.1 … Read More

Three Areas Where Vascular Access Must Improve

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Central line-associated bloodstream infections can cost healthcare providers more than $35,000 extra per patient. Infections are not normal. Pain resulting from a vascular catheter is also not normal. We have to do better. At the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) we’re seeing the industry moving more toward customer needs, at the bedside. Clinicians are also looking more closely at what’s … Read More

Listening to the Story Behind the Data

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Gloves are like a second skin for clinicians but that hasn’t always been the case. It wasn’t until 1992. That’s when OSHA published its Bloodborne Pathogens Standard which required employees to use gloves, and other forms of personal protective equipment, to help limit occupational exposure. This marked a major shift in healthcare. Yet, this “second skin” has taken gloves from revolutionary … Read More

Three Reasons to Expand Clinician Thinking Around Blood Stream Infection Prevention

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Central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) can lead to excess length of hospital stay and increased risk of mortality. Ever since they became a reportable Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) outcome measure though, there has been a 46 percent reduction in CLABSIs in hospitals across the country. However, nearly 30,000 CLABSIs still occur in hospitals each year. 1 … Read More