We Can and Must Be Better at Hand Hygiene

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In my 30 years of nursing, I was diligent and mindful. I was meticulous to the point of paranoia as clinicians should be. But after 30 long years, it happened: C. diff came for me unexpectedly, leaving me feeling vulnerable and defeated. I touched a patient’s bedside table innocently. That’s where the disease lingered. These types of transmitted diseases can change anyone … Read More

How to Improve Resident Care and Achieve a Citation-Free Survey

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Briody Health Care Facility, located in Lockport, NY, is the oldest family owned and operated nursing facility in Western New York. For more than 65 years my family has provided a highly personalized level of care to all of our residents. Serving the residents of Eastern Niagara County, our facility maintains 82 inpatient beds to meet the needs of residents requiring long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation. We also provide outpatient … Read More

8 Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience in Perioperative Services

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perioperative services

Although at first it might not seem that perioperative services would be affected by HCAHPS, if you look carefully at the survey questions, most of them do apply. In addition, patients who have a good experience in your OR are likely to return and/or refer friends. Some experts believe that this referral piece will have more impact on a hospital’s financial future than … Read More

5 Strategies to Reduce Surgical Site Infection [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Medical Team At Work

Did you know, Surgical site infections are the second most common type of healthcare associated infection (HAI) in U.S. hospitals (290,000 per year) and account for the greatest additional healthcare cost, between $3.5 and 10 billion per year. (Reference 5) So what exactly is a Surgical Site Infection (SSI)? The CDC reports defines a surgical site infection as an infection that occurs after … Read More

QuietPacs Help Create a Calming Patient Experience

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Through Medline’s research and manufacturing expertise we’ve really hit the mark on how to extend the hospital’s brand and image and, most importantly, understand how a few meaningful changes can make a big difference in patient experience. The end result is Medline’s new QuietPac, a pre-packed and specially branded kit that promotes calm and rest through amenities such as an … Read More

Reduce the Risk of Pressure Ulcers with Education and Training

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1. At Risk for Pressure Ulcers All surgical patients should be considered at risk for pressure ulcer development because of the uncontrollable length of surgery and the effects of anesthesia, along with the use of vasoactive medications that affect blood pressure and heart rate during surgery.¹ 2. Specialized Mattress Overlays In a study of 446 patients undergoing elective major surgery, specialized foam mattress overlays on operating tables decreased the incidence of postoperative pressure ulcers.² … Read More