Five Crucial Elements to a Successful Safe Patient Handling Program

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For those of us working in the medical field, especially direct patient care, it is difficult to argue against the idea of a safe patient handling program. Even if your duties take you beyond direct patient care, the benefits of a solid functional program are undeniable. The origination of the safe patient handling program was indeed to address the constant … Read More

Debunking the Myth of Quality Lapses in Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes

In the words of Lori Porter, co-founder and CEO of the National Association of Health Care Assistants, nursing homes, sometimes also known as long-term care facilities, are the “stepchild” of the healthcare continuum. They are often times misunderstood, overly criticized and undervalued when it comes to the perception of quality healthcare services. The country as a whole has a negative … Read More

3 Keys to Healthcare Advancement: Leadership, Development and Education

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Healthcare is ever changing. New policies are being put in place, new regulations are being cited, and costs and premiums continue to change. Through it all, one thing remains the same – the need for continuous professional development for healthcare professionals.  I believe there are three keys to healthcare advancement: leadership, development, and education. All three play an important role … Read More