Ask These Four Questions to Improve Hand-Off Communications

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Teams need to talk. Facilities need to have a dialogue. Healthcare is moving in the right direction when it comes to improving the patient experience by improving patient safety. Recently, we saw the announcement and creation of the National Steering Committee for Patient Safety. This collaboration supports the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s goal of reducing patient harm with one focus … Read More

A Four Step Plan to Preventing Sepsis with Proper Hand Hygiene

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There’s a concerted effort to raise awareness of sepsis. It affects more than 26 million people and is documented as the largest killer of children.1 We are now at one year since the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. At the heart of this resolution is hand hygiene. This year, there are … Read More

Two Big Reasons Healthcare Needs Innovative Approaches in Antibiotic Stewardship

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At least two million people face an infection due to antibiotic resistant bacteria every year. The CDC statistics have it documented that at least 23,000 die each year as a result of these infections. We have to evolve past these statistics and change. Since 2011, the FDA listed out ways to combat this constantly growing public health concern. Our efforts … Read More

Five Reasons Hospitals Must Deputize Patients to Reduce Infections

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TRIVIA: How long has the world known that hand-washing is the single-most effective and simple means for reducing the transmission of illnesses, germs and infections? We’ll get to the answer shortly. You have known it’s something you’re supposed to do since you were a child, but it goes beyond childhood. The CDC introduced its Clean Hands Count campaign for doctors … Read More

Looking through a New Lens to Reduce Infection Rates

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In January, the CDC published its new report on the progress of hospital-acquired infections (HAI). This new HAI Progress Report includes 2014 data, published in 2016.  The report describes significant reductions reported at the national level in 2014 for nearly all infection types when compared to the baseline data. CLABSI and abdominal hysterectomy SSI show the greatest reduction. There was … Read More