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Shawn Scott

Shawn Scott

Senior vice president post-acute national sales, Medline

Shawn Scott serves as Medline’s senior vice president of national sales for the post-acute segment. During his tenure, Scott has developed several programs and partnerships to help long-term care facilities perform at their best, including LTC Solutions, abaqis® with Providigm, and the INTERACT® eCurriculum with Florida Atlantic University and Dr. Joseph Ouslander. Scott travels across the nation to meet with thousands of nursing homes every year and has been active on the boards and committees of several organizations including the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), American Health Care Association (AHCA), Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care, and Nursing Home Leader Academy.

Let’s Talk about Care Transitions

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So many buzzwords fly around health care nowadays that it’s easy to feel like we know what something is simply because we’ve heard the word or phrase over and over: bundled payment, ACOs, care transitions. It’s not until someone—perhaps a new employee, or even your spouse at the dinner table—asks us to actually define something that we realize that we … Read More