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Rhonda Baliff

Rhonda Baliff

Post-acute care divisional sales manager

Rhonda Baliff is the post-acute care divisional sales manager at Medline and is helping to lead Medline’s sales offering into the emergency medical services (EMS) space. Baliff spent 12 years as a volunteer emergency medical technician (EMT) in her hometown’s rescue squad. Prior to joining Medline, Baliff was the regional manager of practice development for Aspen Dental. Baliff attended Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, Wis., where she received her Associates in business administration and management.

Speak Up: Making EMS a Necessary Service

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Senior Woman in Ambulance

I spent 12 years as a volunteer EMT and quite frankly, the struggles haven’t changed for emergency medical services. In fact, it’s getting harder. In smaller communities there is often no tax support for emergency services. On top of that, a study from UC Berkeley found that of the more than 16,000 EMS workers in California, most are working very … Read More