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Debashish Chakravarthy

Debashish Chakravarthy

PhD, Medline VP, Technology, DMS

Debashish Chakravarthy, PhD, Medline VP, Technology, DMS, is a chemist by training. Dr. Chakravarthy has worked extensively in the field of biomaterials. He is keenly interested and involved in the choice of specific materials with interesting properties that can play a supportive role in natural wound healing.

Three Reasons Why Physicians and Patients Need to Pay Attention to Tissue Regeneration Now

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tissue regeneration dna

There is a remarkable level of activity in the area of regenerative tissue technologies that has already resulted in products that have improved patient’s lives.  In the past year alone, the National Institutes of Health have announced major funding opportunities in this area. Dozens of skin substitutes or facsimiles have been developed to date but none have yet achieved the … Read More

Product Spotlight: Collagen for Beginners

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You can throw everything you’ve got at wounds – debridement, infection control products and moisture-control products – but sometimes they still won’t heal. You’re looking at a chronic wound. What’s going on? Wounds typically go through an inflammatory phase early in wound healing. The problem with most chronic wounds is that they seem to be stuck in that phase. How do we jump start healing for … Read More