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Beth Boynton, RN, MS, author of Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, & Rewarding Careers is a speaker and medical improv trainer. More information about her work can be found on her website and she can be contacted at beth@bethboynton.com. Find more of her stories at Confident Voices in Healthcare.

Optimizing Outcomes and Approaching Change Differently This Year Through Medical Improv

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Social and emotional learning, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills are often referred to as “soft” skills. This skill set encompasses human behavior and as such, informs the quality of our communication, relationships, teamwork and leadership.  These in turn, inform our workplace cultures and healthcare system(s) and provide feedback on the skills themselves.  Healthy skills and relationships contribute to healthy cultures. … Read More

Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills are Underlying Causes of Key Issues

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Healthcare is rich with human interactions and relationships.  Whether inter-professional or therapeutic in nature, our relationships influence our communication, teamwork, cultures and systems.  When this ‘soft’ skill set is healthy, the influence is more likely to be positive.  When it is limited or dysfunctional, the outcomes can be catastrophic. There are links between such ‘soft’ skills and serious, persistent, and … Read More

Looking at Patient Safety Through a Different Lens

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Beth Boynton, RN, MS is an organizational development consultant and author specializing in communication and collaboration. As a nurse consultant and avid blogger, Beth has agreed to provide insight on Medline’s blog. When taking a scientific approach to patient safety, it can prompt us to develop different ways to control everything we possibly can. In a complex healthcare world it … Read More