Assisted Living: A Forgotten Link in the Chain?

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We live in a world of discharging that is phasing into a world of transitions. Some of these changes are dictated by bundled care, others by the Affordable Care Act. We make the best decisions we can based on data, but at the same time, we need to look at the real situation of the person in front of us to help ensure that the next step in their care journey is ultimately what is best for them. Because the world of an elderly person isn’t always one hospitals are prepared to handle, assisted living facilities should be looking at ways to expand partnerships with home health agencies.

Assisted living can cost less and provide support for patients who need help with food, transportation to appointments or help understanding medication. For hospitals involved in bundled payments, or for ACOs or managed care companies, assisted living is often less expensive than the current trend of discharging to home or a skilled nursing facility. Not only is assisted living a less expensive option, it’s less expensive while still being better for the patient.

Click here to find out how to start the conversation at your assisted living facility so you aren’t the forgotten link in the healthcare chain.

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Shawn Scott

Shawn Scott serves as Medline’s senior vice president of national sales for the post-acute segment. During his tenure, Scott has developed several programs and partnerships to help long-term care facilities perform at their best, including LTC Solutions, abaqis® with Providigm, and the INTERACT® eCurriculum with Florida Atlantic University and Dr. Joseph Ouslander. Scott travels across the nation to meet with thousands of nursing homes every year and has been active on the boards and committees of several organizations including the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), American Health Care Association (AHCA), Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care, and Nursing Home Leader Academy.

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