The Secret of Joy at Work

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“Joy at work” seems to be a rare concept these days, especially in healthcare. We are constantly bombarded with statistics on burnout for nurses and physicians alike. One study found that on average, 26 percent of surveyed emergency nurses suffered from burnout. Another study found that in regards to physician burnout, care quality appears to be preserved at great personal … Read More

Caring Can’t be a To-Do

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compassion fatigue

Nurses have consistently been ranked among the most trusted professions in America, and yet we still hear stories from our friends and family about a crucial moment in their healthcare journey where they may not have experienced a very vital part of care from their nurse: compassion. Did the nurse simply have a lack of compassion? Or were they battling … Read More

Two Ways Informaticists Can Bridge the Technology Gap in the OR

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It has been well over a decade since computerized documentation became a standard practice in many operating rooms. The utilization of information technology in the perioperative setting has the potential to improve the quality of care and increase efficiencies as well as decrease the likelihood of medication errors.1 However, challenges still exist with the electronic medical record (EMR) in the … Read More

Medline Honored with UnitedHealthcare Well Deserved Award

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Well Deserved Award

Medline is proud to be recognized for the second year in a row as one of UnitedHealthcare’s top companies in wellness across the United States in 2016. Medline received UnitedHealthcare’s Well Deserved Award for our dedication to improving the health and wellness of employees and families. We were also presented with a Golden Apple to honor our multi-year distinction and … Read More