How to Make and Maintain a Great Company Culture

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When you think of a call center or contact center, what comes to mind? Is it unhappy employees? High attrition rates? We can all agree contact centers have a bad reputation. They’re notorious for high turnover which is extremely costly, and disengaged employees which affect morale and productivity. In 2012, turnover-rates for contact center employees were 49 percent for large … Read More

Three Easy Ways to Reduce Traffic in Your OR

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Preparing the OR

As a perioperative nurse, have you ever wondered how excessive foot traffic within the surgical suite affects surgical site infections (SSIs)? A study at Johns Hopkins revealed that one-third of observed procedures had enough door openings during the surgeries to potentially defeat the safety effects of systems meant to keep contaminated air out of sterile ORs. Our role is to … Read More

10 Tips for Managing Instruments when the Pressure is on

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Surgical technologists have an incredible amount of responsibility during a procedure, including the management of instruments, supplies and equipment. In such a fluid environment, it is critical that they exercise extreme care and precaution. But as with so many important jobs, there are a lot of details to remember when the pressure is on. To explore chaos prevention best practices … Read More

Two Tips for Writing Your QAPI Plan

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CMS has been talking about the new QAPI regulations for the past three years, and this November, it finally goes into effect. The clock is ticking: Starting November 28th 2016, you will have one year to present your QAPI plan to state surveyors in order to stay compliant with the new regulations and qualify for Medicare and Medicaid programs. In … Read More