Twelve Post-Acute Care Data Points You Need to Tackle Today’s Bundled Payments

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Bundled payments are gaining more and more traction in the marketplace. In April, CMS launched its first mandatory bundled payment for comprehensive joint replacement, and “CJR” was suddenly the acronym on everyone’s lips. We knew that CMS was just trialing the bundle in 67 metropolitan areas to see how it would work. If you were hoping that bundled payments might … Read More

Lateral Violence: Breaking the Spell

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lateral violence

It is a well-known fact that people see what they want to see. Let’s first acknowledge that the vast majority of nurses truly value and appreciate their colleagues. As humans, we rationalize situations that don’t match our “I work in a great place” view by making the excuse that someone is having a bad day, or thinking, “That’s just the … Read More

The Long-Term Future of Post-Acute Care

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post-acute care

The future of post-acute care is promising, but there are some challenges ahead that providers must acknowledge and tackle to succeed. We face a transition from fee-for-service to managed care, bundling and a variety of other creative payment solutions. The entire effort at this point is to reduce costs, length of stay and re-hospitalizations by discharging skilled nursing facility patients … Read More

Three Things You Need to Know about Sepsis

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A six-letter word is sparking people to fight at the government level, state level and even at the bedside. That word is “sepsis,” and this emerging complication was just recently dubbed by the CDC as a “medical emergency” and “unrecognized killer.” Sepsis has been making the news—it was revealed in June that legendary boxer Muhammad Ali died not from Parkinson’s … Read More