Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement Part III: What is Neuroplasticity and How Can it Help?

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Healing relationships and promoting healthy respectful interactions are crucial to improving healthcare. In Part I, we addressed the importance of good relationships in healthcare. We followed with discussion in Part II  about the neuroscience and the effect it has on relationships. There’s one simple practice that can enhance neuroplasticity and help heal our relationships. What is Neuroplasticity? Many of you … Read More

One New Way to Make Collaboration Skills Stick

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medical improv

According to a recent study, healthcare workers who undergo team training can lower their medical error rate by 19 percent. What’s exciting about the principles of medical improv is that most of them could just as easily be rules for respectful communication and collaboration. For instance, “Yes and…” is often considered the “golden rule” of improv, applied improv and medical … Read More

Why You Need Patient Engagement

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patient engagement

Being a convener with CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative, our experience with nearly 50,000 joint replacements annually has taught us the importance of finding new ways to engage the patient in their surgical procedure. We have learned that a heavy emphasis in the pre-surgery period is of paramount importance. Patients who are more educated about their surgery and … Read More

New Group Purchasing Agreement Benefits 850-Plus Community Health Centers

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CHV.Blog photo

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, nearly 1 in 14 people receive care at community health centers. Like other providers across the continuum of care, health centers are being forced to take a look at their supply chain operations and figure out how they can reduce costs while also driving positive patient outcomes.  That’s where strategic vendor partnerships … Read More

Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement Part I: We Need an Overhaul

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Working in healthcare can be a wonderful privilege where every day we have opportunities to develop therapeutic relationships and play healing roles in people’s lives. Although not mutual, these relationships can be intimate and rewarding. It can also be fulfilling to be part of a dynamic team pulling together to save lives and helping patients and families navigate tough times. … Read More